Monica Nevi

Thu, Aug 8, 2019
Sat, Aug 10, 2019

Monica Nevi

Monica Nevi is a native of the Seattle area, having grown up about 20 minutes south in the glory that is Renton, Wa. The product of a wonderfully humorous family and diverse background, she went on to earn a degree from Seattle University and lived in the city for 3 more years after going to school. A collegiate basketball player, after injuries ended her career she decided to move forward with the next most accepted career for a young woman and pursue her strong interest in stand-up comedy. After starting and performing for the duration of her time in college and beyond Monica continued to perform all over the country with great comedians, in great festivals, in great competitions, television appearances and continues to love it.

Monica has had the privilege of performing in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival and the Seattle International Comedy Competition as well as finishing first place in the Olympic Peninsula Comedy Competition. In 2015 she was one of the solo show performers for the comedy section of the Bumbershoot arts festival in Seattle. Monica has opened for Ari Shaffir, Erik Griffin, Sarah Colonna and Nick Swardson among many other impressive names. Monica is the co-host of the popular HugLife Podcast.

In the fall of 2015 her and her podcast co-host Mike Coletta embarked on a 3-month road tour over 1/2 of the country. The Blanket Fort Comedy Tour was a huge success and has now left Monica with nothing but more thirst for stand up.

She has appeared on FOX’s nationally syndicated TV show ‘Laughs’ as well as Seattle based television programs ‘New Day Northwest’ and ‘[the 206]’

Monica is a regular at all 4 major clubs in the greater-Seattle area and can be seen performing at clubs, colleges, theaters, comic book shops and Thai restaurants all over the country.

Monica would love to come preform in new places. Tell your friends, about her, the podcast or tell her yourself how much you like her. Or just say hey, girl. Say Something Nice